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Filling our an application is the first step. Please read over the animals bios entirely before contacting us with questions. FIlling out an application is required to be considered. The application is not an obligation to adopt. Please answer the questions completely and thoughtfully. We work hard to find the perfect fit for both you and our animals. To speed up the process, please email Property Agreements/Pet Restriction Policies to

We will do a vet check for all current and any past pets in the home within the last 5 years.

Eager to get approved? Please be sure to contact your vet's office to give them permission to release your records to help speed up the process.

Steps 3,4 & 5 may or may not be combined depending on volunteer and foster availability. We will come visit you and your family to get to know you and talk about adding a new member to your family. We aren't looking at your housekeeping skills, but to learn about your family and lifestyle to help find the perfect fit for both you and your new prospective furry friend. To help not cause disruption to the foster families daily lives, a meet and greet will not be scheduled until your application is approved. Thank you for understanding.

Meet and Greets are the time for you and the animal to meet and learn more about the animal in person. Meet and greets are not a promise or guarantee or adoption. Our volunteers will make the final decision where an animal is placed with the best interest of the animal in mind. Meet and Greets may be held at your home in conjunction with a home visit, or they may be scheduled at a mutually agreeable location if a home visit has already been conducted.

If a successful meeting takes place and everyone is in agreement, then the adoption will take place. We will complete the adoption contract with you and collect the adoption fee (payable by cash, check or credit card via our website through PayPal) 

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