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IF YOUR DOG must live outside,

please keep them safe.

Dogs are pack animals and would love nothing more than to be a part of your family. If you are unwilling to let them live inside with you, please make sure they are safe & comfortable outdoors.


1. FOOD: Please provide your animal with the best food you can afford. Just like human food, cheap food is processed and mostly fillers which prevents animals from getting the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to keep them healthy. Poor quality food leads to shorter lives and many other health issues. If you need assistance providing food for your animal, please visit our resource page.

2. SHELTER: Please provide sufficient shelter for your pet to protect them from the elements. We have very harsh weather in Michigan and many animals do not survive the extreme heat or freezing temperatures. In the winter, appropriately sized insulated dog houses packed with straw are necessary to retain any bit of body heat, and sometimes even that is not enough for an animal to survive sub-zero temperatures. In the summer, these same shelters turn into hot boxes, so please provide alternate forms of shade with breeze so you do not cook your pets.

3. TETHERING: The law states, An owner shall not"Tether a dog unless the tether is at least 3 times the length of the dog as measured from the tip of its nose to the base of its tail and is attached to a harness or non-choke collar designed for tethering." We recommend light-weight durable 25 foot cable tie outs, placed away from fencing or trees that a dog may climb and hang themselves from.

4. FLY STRIKE: In the summer time, pesky flies wreak havock on dogs' ears. Use a product like FLYS OFF or SWAT to keep the flies at bay.

5. FLEA/TICK/WORM PREVENTION: Your outdoor animal is at an increased risk for fleas, ticks and worms. Not only are these parasites uncomfortable and painful, but are deadly if not treated. Keep your animal monthly preventative medications to kill off parasites. Treat your yard against fleas and ticks. Heartworm is transmitted via mosquitos so keep your yard free from standing water and puddles.

6. ENRICHMENT: Imagine living your life in the same small circle every day. Boredom would drive you crazy, and that is often the case with outdoor pets. Take your dog for walks and car rides. Give them durable bones, chews and toys to help keep them occupied and their mind and frustration levels low.



Make sure your dog has plenty of clean drinking water. Refill often - before the bowl is empty. A dog cannot sweat to regulate body temperature and heat stroke is deadly. A dog house is not sufficient shelter from the heat. The sun turns them into heat boxes. Your dog does not enjoy laying in the direct sun without shade for hours in this heat or laying inside these "cookers." Provide your dog with alternate shade from the sun with a cross breeze or better yet - bring your dog inside your home or basement to keep them safe.

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